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Davis. 49 ■ Inform regarding any limitations of movement or mobility ■ Explain all alarms if EID is used ■ Instruct to call for assistance if venipuncture site becomes tender or sore or if redness or swelling develops ■ Advise that site will be checked every shift by the nurse Home care Comprehensive education to patient and caregiver includes the behavioral domains of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor along with written set of instructions on treatment. Step 14: Rate Calculation Refer to section in Basics for rate calculation information.

Use pictures. Keep messages simple, and use interpreter to improve communication. ■ Assess both arms and hand prior to choosing appropriate vein. ■ Choose the lowest best site for size catheter being inserted and type of therapy the patient will receive. Step 5: Site Selection and Vein Dilation Factors to consider before venipunctures: ■ Type of solution to be infused—Hypertonic solutions and medications are irritating to vein. ■ Condition of vein—Use soft, straight, bouncy vein; if you run your finger down the vein and it feels like a cat’s tail— avoid!

Patient with allergies ■ Identify allergies ■ Iodine—avoid povidone-iodine as skin preparation ■ Latex—set up latex allergy cart ■ Question regarding allergies to medications, foods, animals, and environmental substances Vein dilation techniques ■ Tourniquet—Latex or nonlatex used most frequently. Placed 6–8 inches above the venipucture site. If BP high, move farther from venipuncture site. If BP low, move as close as possible without risking site contamination. ■ Gravity—Position the extremity lower than the heart.

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